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Tiles Of The Unexpected


Tiles of the Unexpected is a unique tile-matching puzzle game. The player's goals are to remove all layers of stacked tiles from the black-edged playfield across three levels to earn the highest score possible and reveal pieces of artwork.

Unlike many traditional tile-matching games, this one doesn't engage the player with only the matching of identical pairs of tiles. Instead, the player needs to find and select two or more groups of adjacent tiles that feature the same images. Selecting one tile from a group removes all adjacent ones. The game then fills any vertical or horizontal gaps by shifting the remaining tiles into new positions. The shifting actions sometimes remove additional newly formed groups of adjacent tiles.

Tiles of the Unexpected rewards the player with bombs that they can use to remove tiles when no more matches remain on the screen. They also receive points that appear briefly as yellow-orange numbers near the lower-right corner and a total score near the lower-left corner. The player can also review their best score and the current level near the upper-left corner.

Any time the player struggles to find a match, the game highlights adjacent identical tiles with a dynamic, reflective light that moves across the tiles. If the player fails to remove all tiles from the field and reveal the art behind the tiles, the game returns them to the first level. They must start over entirely.�

"Tiles of the Unexpected" is an �unexpected� twist on the classic Mahjong game. This game is easy, fast, and fun , giving a great quick stimulation to the brain. The game is perfect for kids , as it offers hours of entertainment. The game starts with the opening scene of �Tiles of the Unexpected,� and offers easy-to-read instructions on how to play. A bit of a nostalgic feel, the game is incredibly retro but also revamped from the original. The added �bomb� effect for when the player runs out of moves, gives this new spin an explosive new attitude. The goal of the game is to match all tiles with their compatible partner. If you are looking for a strategic game that you will quickly become addicted to, �Tiles of the Unexpected� is for you.

How to play:

Look at all the different images on the tiles on the field. Find and select adjacent matching tiles first. Perform moves and use bombs strategically. For example, select groups and use bombs in spots that force the game to create automatic matches by sliding tiles down vertically or left across gaps.


Mouse: Click the matching tiles.
Mobile: Tap the matching tiles.

Release Date:

April 2017

About the Creator:

Tiles Of The Unexpected is created by Agame. Agame is one of the leading online game developers, they are the creators of some of the best games online. They have also created the following games: Dream Pet Link, 1001 Arabian Nights, Bubble Hit 2, Fireboy and Watergirl 5 Elements, Snail Bob 4, Vex 4, Instagirls Dressup, Instagirls valentines dress up,

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Play Tiles Of The Unexpected, match all tiles in this Mahjong game. Tiles Of The Unexpected is a classic mahjong game for young and old!
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