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Butterfly Kyodai deluxe


This game is perfect for kids of all ages up to adults! My kids and I enjoyed playing this game and would take turns playing. The goal of this game is to match the butterfly wings up with their matching pairs. The matching aspect of this game is excellent for children. It allows them to use basic kindergarten skills and feel victorious when they match all pairs of wings! The coloration used in the butterflies is beautiful and appealing to the eye. My daughter especially enjoyed watching the butterflies fly off the board after they were matched. I found myself immediately addicted to this game! This game is stress relieving as it offers stress-relieving quality from the ease of matching. It is a timed game which gives it a sense of urgency, but in a crunch, you have the opportunity to use three different helper icons. You can freeze time, wave the magic wand, or shuffle. The freeze time capability allows you to stop the timer for about ten seconds while you evaluate your remaining matches and try to get ahead. The magic wand icon shows you a match when you get stuck. Last but not least, there is the shuffle icon. It allows you to shuffle the wings to speed up the gameplay by reassigning the placement of the wings to your advantage. There are three allowances to each helper icon, and once you have used up the three, you can gain more by watching a short video ad. The butterfly wings can also match up to each other when not right beside each other. They can travel a few blocks over and down to pair with their match. If wings are on the outside of the board, they can also go on the outer edges to pair up. For example, if you had a pair of wings in the top right corner that matched a pair of four squares below it, then you could tap one and then the other, and they would have the ability to match up. It took me three tries to beat the first stage, but I was also trying to figure out what buttons held which functions. Once you reach the second stage, flowers block the left side to prevent you from being able to match down that side. It seems that each level will provide a new way to challenge the player. This game is especially great for grade school kids to adults. I appreciate that it isn�t a game that you have to think hard about, but you can enjoy the strategy it takes to get to each level. It is the perfect combination of strategy and stress relief.

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Play Butterfly Kyodai deluxe, this is the deluxe version of the popular Butterfly Kyodai. Match all butterflies and connect them all.
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