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Wild Forest Mahjong


Wild Forest Mahjong is a tile-matching game similar to the traditional Chinese Mahjong game but presented in a jungle setting. A player must solve layered tile puzzles to progress through the game and unlock new levels. The primary goal of the game is to complete all nine available levels. On the main play field to the center and left of the screen, the player is presented with stacks of wooden tiles arranged in a specially designed shape. On the right side of the screen, the game shows the current play level, the player's score, gemstone points count and a countdown timer. To complete a level, the player needs to find a pair of tiles that feature the same pictures and remove them from the field and then repeat this process to clear the entire field of tiles. The game reveals new tiles with different and unique pictures as the player progresses through each level. Unlike traditional Mahjong, the tiles don't feature any characters or dots on them. The game doesn't have any bonus tiles either that feature the seasons or winds. Instead, Wild Forest Mahjong tiles feature pictures of objects commonly found in a jungle, created by tribal people or brought to the jungle by explorers and others, such as an ant, flowers, leafy green ferns, seedlings, mushrooms, nuts, a potted plant, an egg, a feather, different types of flasks, an axe, a knife, a map, a compass, masks, carved statues, a wooden figurine, rucksacks and various gemstone rings.

How to play:

Locate two tiles that have the same picture on the top of the stacked layers that aren't located in the blocked off center of a row of tiles. The game highlights unlocked tiles while marking locked ones with a dark shadow. Match the tiles to remove them from the field. To win, remove all tiles before the timer runs out.


Mouse: To turn off the sound, click the button marked with a speaker icon. To match tiles, click the first tile of a matching pair available for removal on the upper layer of the stacked tiles, and then click the second matching tile to remove both of them from the play area. When a match doesn't immediately stand out, click the hint button marked with a magnifying glass. Once the game reveals the two matching tiles by shining a light on them that's brighter than the unlocked highlighting, click each tile to remove them.
Mobile: After locating matching tiles, tap the first one with the tip of a finger or stylus and then tap the second one. Tap the hint button that features a magnifying-glass icon to prompt the game to show the locations of two matching tiles. Jump to top

Release Date:

About the Creator:

Wild Forest Mahjong is created by Monsteraplay. Monsteraplay creates casual web games. They have also created the following games:

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Play Wild Forest Mahjong. Wild Forest Mahjong is a tile-matching game similar to the traditional Chinese Mahjong game but presented in a jungle setting.
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