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Forest Frog Mahjong


The game of Mahjong is more than a tile-based game that came to America from across the sea. For generations, it was a way for communities to come together and reconnect. Bubble Shooter has brought forth this newest edition of Mahjong to the next generation of players.
Forest Frog Mahjong Gameplay
The game opens with two handsome sliding bamboo doors and an invitation to a tranquil game of Forest Frog Mahjong. The first thing to notice is the red bar on the left-hand side of the table.

Timer-set at 3 minutes
Score- current board, 20 points per pair
High Score -current board
Settings - game menu

The last is especially important as it opens the game settings menu. This will allow you to review how to play as well as control the volume of the music in the game. Unlike other versions, Forest Frog Mahjong the values of the tiles are not set. However, the score is kept in the pairs themselves. Moreover, the appearance of the words Nice or Great will allot additional points to that pairing. The game also awards a time bonus for levels completed before the timer runs out.
Additionally, the game provides a slightly hidden bonus. Instead of having to click a Hint button, a light sheen will highlight the next choice.

As with other mahjong games, each level presents randomly placed tiles beautifully decorated with various Chinese characters and plants. While you race the clock, you will also be challenged in learning the slight variations in seemingly identical tiles.

Set in a cozy greenwood, the background scenery gives players all the fun of trekking through a marshy forest without the mosquitos; complete with water lilies, cattails, and a cozy treehouse. There is no better way to relax than to sit on the comfy sofa-like chair and enjoy the tile-based game of Forest Frog Mahjong.

About the Creator:

Forest Frog Mahjong is created by Coolgames. Coolgames is one of the largest online game studios. They have a rich portfolio with a lot of high clss titles. They have also created the following games: Bubbles 2, Tingly Bubble Shooter, Bubble Academy, Jewel Academy, Emoji Bubble, Bubble Charms, Bubble Charms 2, Merge Jewels,

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Play Forest Frog Mahjong, you can play this relaxing mahjong game for free on our website. Forest frog mahjong is easy to play and features multiple levels that are each nice to play.
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