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Resize Mahjong


Resize mahjong is an animal-themed tile game where the player is required to match tiles that have a picture of the same animal. Mahjong is an old board game that originated in China, and it is traditionally played on tiles, although it can also be played with cards. It is a simple game that both children and adults can enjoy.

Resize mahjong is a board game that you can play online without having to download the application on the phone or PC. The game is a combination of different tiles stacked on each other, which the player has to clear by matching similar tiles.

The tiles in the stack have different animals drawn on them, which a player is required to match to complete a level. The tiles are in different shapes and sizes, but the similar factor is that they have identical animals drawn on them, such as cows, pigs, elephants, dinosaurs, and unicorns, among others.

The objective of playing Resize mahjong is to clear all the tiles in the stack by matching the tiles with similar animals drawn on them. Each game has forty animals that need to be cleared from the playing field so that the player can move to the next level. The tiles are arranged in a pyramid that may take different formats depending on the level of the game.

How to play:

Resize mahjong is easy gameplay that is both straightforward and fun to play. When playing the game, the player aims to clear the playing field by matching tiles with identical animals drawn on them regardless of the difference in shape or size. To play the game, the player must free all the forty animals in the playing from captivity by matching the tiles. The player can take advantage of hints and shuffle the tiles to match the tiles easily.


The game can be played on a mobile phone or a PC. When the player plays on the mobile phone, he controls the game by touching one tile and then touching another tile with a similar animal. When the players play on the PC, they control the game by clicking the mouse on a tile and then clicking a matching tile or using the space bar until the playing field is empty. Jump to top

Release Date:

About the Creator:

Resize Mahjong is created by bestphysics. bestphysics is a small game developer that mainly develops connect games. They have also created the following games: Xmasjong, Olympian Mahjong,

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Play resize mahjong. Resize mahjong is an animal-themed tile game where the player is required to match tiles that have a picture of the same animal.
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