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Mahjong World

Mahjong World is an epic Mahjong adventure. The mahjong is a giant 3d cube that you can spin in all directions. Match 2 of the same tiles to clear them. Do this with all tiles to go to the next level on the level map (the world). This upgraded version of 3D mahjong features hundreds of challenging levels. In each level, you can earn keys. These will give you extra powerups that will help you guide through the levels. Such as the shuffle button that shuffles the 3d cube, the magnifying glass, this will highlight a combination. And the pickaxe. This will remove the stone you pick. In each level, you will see the meter on your left. Finish the level in the given time or moves to earn those gems for extra bonuses.
Mahjong World

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Play Mahjong World, the 3D mahjong adventure that travels the world. Play in one of the hundreds of levels, spin the Mahjong cube, and match those tiles.