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Mahjong Story 2


Mahjong Story 2 is a story-focused, tile-matching game that features increasingly difficult games and levels. A player's main goal is to clear away game boards filled with layers of tiles to help a girl named May and her ferret, Jong, travel around the world to heavily populated cities and remote areas. The game features more than 700 levels for a player to explore.

Mahjong 2 is incredibly easy to play. When a player loads the game, the loading icon informs them that it's loading the in-world map. The main screen then displays a dock with a small peninsula surrounded by water that features several, large numbered blue buttons. The player taps the "1" button button to access Level 1 and then taps the green "Play" button.

An empty background loads. Jong appears on screen. He welcomes the player and then provides an animated, walkthrough tutorial that explains how to play the game. A white glove appears on the screen and directs the player to tap a tile and then a matching one next to it.

Any time a player matches two tiles located next to each other, the tiles disappear. The player then progresses through the next layer of tiles. A player can also match tiles positioned in different areas of the game board as long as each tile doesn't have any tiles resting against its outside borders. The player simply taps each matching tile to make both tiles disappear. They can also tap one tile and drag and drop it onto the other tile. After the player completes the walkthrough, they receive in-game Coins. They're directed to tap a "Next" button. They're either automatically taken to the next level or back to the main peninsula map screen where they must tap the "2" button to proceed to Level 2.

Every time a player successfully removes tiles from the board, they gain Stars that fill empty slots in an area at the top of the game where a golden meter also fills up to reveal their progress. After they fill the slots and meter and clear the board, they win more Coins. Each level informs the player of the number of potential tile matches that they need to complete to move on to the next level. The game also allows the player to eventually unlock Boosters with their Coins, find May's lost luggage, reveal special sets of tiles and explore locations around the world. A player can also collect more Coins by watching a brief advertisement.

About the Creator:

Mahjong Story 2 is created by Softgames. Softgames is a large game studio from Germany, they operate from Berlin, Germany and Toronto, Canada. They have also created the following games: Bubble Shooter Free, Bubble Shooter Pro, Bubble Shooter HD, Bubble Shooter Candy, Garden Tales, Fish Story, Bubble Shooter World Cup, Solitaire Story TriPeaks,

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Mahjong Story 2 is a story-focused, tile-matching game that features increasingly difficult games and levels.
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