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Sweet Land


Sometimes we all need to tune out from the maddening rush or slow-paced humdrum of everyday life. Games provide the avenue to stimulate a bored mind or calm a stressed mind. Sweet land offers gamers a sweet escape to recharge and look at things in reality from a different perspective. The game can be addictive in a good way. It sharpens your mind by presenting fun tasks and goals. Sweet land offers different layers for players to unlock. Each has a different layout, and the challenges vary in difficulty.

The Gist of the Game

Sweet land is designed to keep the player entertained by matching pairs of mahjong tiles or puzzles. Starting with the easiest, the player advances through different levels each with a unique design so nothing gets boring. Soon the player is great at identifying patterns even in real life. The layouts of each level keep changing. Sweet land is perfect for beginners and even young adults because it is easy to understand and play. To play use the cursor or your finger to click on a tile. Clicking on the tile reveals a unique Mahjong tile puzzle. Observe the puzzle then click on any other tile on the board and note the positions of the puzzle piece. On each game screen, there is a pair of each Mahjong puzzle piece. You need to find the matching pairs and tap on them consecutively to win. To play sweet land, you do not need to pay any amount of money. Players can play the game on a variety of devices, including their smartphones and computers. The layout is adjustable for screen sharing in case you want to multitask. The game also offers a full-screen option for any device. Sweet land is the perfect Mahjong game with a calming simplicity. The game's controls are also simple to grasp. For the mouse, the gamer drags and drops the tiles while, on a mobile device, the gamer taps and moves to release the mahjong tiles. Since the game was released in 2021, it has a ton of good reviews online. Created by Soulhouse games, sweet land is a creatively curated game suitable for children and adults alike. The game gets a thumbs up for the colorful layouts that keep changing with every level. By getting your attention focused elsewhere, Sweet Land grants the gamer the perfect escape from a stressful environment.

How to play:

Match the same tiles to remove them in this mahjong game with a twist.


Mouse: Drag and drop the tiles.
Mobile: Tap, move and release to move the tiles.

Release Date:

Sep 20, 2021

About the Creator:

Sweet Land is created by Soulhouse games. Soulhouse games is an average sized game studio that creates casual games. They have also created the following games:

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Play Sweet Land, find all matching Mahjong tiles and complete all levels in this Mahjong game called Sweet Land. Play it for free on our website.
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