Kris Mahjong Animals

There are a bunch of animals in the game. One of the animals was highlighted with I first started playing so I clicked on that. The animal I clicked on, and the animal right below it disappeared. Right then, I realized that I had to click on animals that were the same, and they had to be right next to each other.
As I clicked on the animals, my score went up and animals were disappearing. If I clicked on animals that were not the same, they shook a little bit, and the animals didn't disappear.
There is a bar on the right side of the screen that is yellow. When that yellow bar went up, my game ended. It was a challenging game, but it really made me think and be observant.

How to play:

Match 2 of the same tiles. You can make 3 turns, match all tiles to win.


Mouse: click the matching tiles
Mobile: Tap the matching tiles.

Release Date:

July 2021

About the Creator:

Kris Mahjong Animals is created by Wanted5games. Wanted5games is a developer of high quality games from the Netherlands. They have also created the following games: Gold Rush,

Kris Mahjong Animals