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Mahjong Restaurant


This is a relatively simple game that uses Chinese culture as its focus. Specifically, this is a match game where you are joining pairs of the same mahjong tile as quickly as you can in order to complete any number of delicious and mouthwatering Chinese dishes you are presented with. Every level you clear, which ranks your success from one to three stars, adds some progress toward a given recipe, such as pork, egg-fried rice, dim sum and so on-I did not play the game long enough to discover if filling out a given dish's gauge at the end of a level actually did anything, beyond possibly eliminating a specific dish from the rest of what you can find. Regardless, the presentation was enough to give me a serious craving for Chinese delivery after I finished my play session.

You also have some complexity to the game, otherwise it would be exceptionally boring and tedious. You have access to three varieties of power-up, pausing a timer, adding 30 seconds to the timer and rewinding a move, that you can slowly build up access to through good play. You also have the option of turning off music in case it starts grating on your nerves after more than 20 levels of matching. Overall, this is a relatively simple, enjoyable time-killer title; my only trouble came in trying to distinguish some of the tiles from the suite consisting of Chinese numbers.

How to play:

This is a game of matching. You are presented with a collection of mahjong tiles and have to pair off the various tiles with their duplicate. This process is complicated a bit by only allowing you to interact with the outermost tiles in a cluster-pairing them will grant you access.


The controls for this game could are simple. All you need to do is move over the desired mahjong tile you want to interact with and then click it. From the title screen, using your power-ups and interacting with core mechanics, the interface is just moving a cursor and clicking. Jump to top

Release Date:

August 2022

About the Creator:

Mahjong Restaurant is created by SNShub. SNShub creates mobile games. Their games are great hits in the app stores and now also on the web. They have also created the following games: Jump Ball, Cube Blast,

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Play Mahjong Restaurant. Match all mahjong tiles in this mahjong adventure game with 100s of levels.
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