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Tile Mahjong


Tile Mahjong is an addictive matching game that's fun for all ages. In this game tiles are spread throughout the playing area. Some are raised above others, while some are below and more muted. You can only use the tiles that are close to the surface and bright in color. The ones that are muted and underneath cannot be moved until you get rid of the tiles on the top. Once you find a match you have to find the other match and click on it. Some of the symbols on the tiles include flowers, corn, chees, and apples. The trick to this game is there is a time limit. The timer is counting down from the moment you press start creating a sense of urgency and fun. Once you match the two symbols the tiles disappear from the screen. Sometimes the tiles underneath come into play at this point providing you with another option to match with the current tiles. Once you've matched all the tiles on the screen you've beaten the level. If you don't match all of the tiles on the screen the timer will go off and you will lose the round. Once you've beaten the level, you'll move on to deeper levels with different tile patterns throughout the game .This game is so fun and addicting and you'll want to be playing this game for hours. Tile Mahjong is definitely a strong recommend when it comes to online games that are fun and easy to pick and play immediately.

About the Creator:

Tile Mahjong is created by Redfoc. Redfoc is a small team of game developers that creates casual games. They have also created the following games: Space Bubbles, Super Balls,

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Play Tile Mahjong, the mahjong game with clean-looking tiles. Match 2 of the same tiles to remove them. Remove all tiles to go to the next level in this great mahjong game.
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