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Space Bubbles

Bubble Shooter

Space bubbles takes place in outer space. Shoot all bubbles in one of the 70 levels. The game looks colorful due to the brightly colored bubbles. The background is a few planets and your shooter is a space ship. The next bubble indicator is a ufo. You can restart each round or pause the game to go to the menu. From the menu you can also restart, go to the home screen and toggle the sound and music. Each 5 shots a new row is formed on top, this is a bit annoying because normally a new row only forms if you miss 5 or 6 shots. You can also shoot a bubble through the ceiling, which is also odd. The game is also a bit slow. On top of the game you see the progress bar. This tells you how many rows there are still to come.
After each level you are presented with your score and the option to go to the next level.You can also choose one of the levels in the level select screen.

About the Creator:

Space Bubbles is created by Redfoc. Redfoc is a small team of game developers that creates casual games. They have also created the following games:

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Play Space Bubbles, the bubble shooter game that takes place in space. Shoot all bubbles and finish each of the 70 levels.
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