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Amazing Klondike Solitaire


Amazing Klondike Solitaire is the classic game of Klondike Solitaire designed by Amazing Hedgehog Studio. The game features a standard arrangement or tableau of 28 cards in face-up and face-down positions displayed as seven column piles at the center of the table with a draw pile and four build piles above the columns. A player wins the game by sorting cards from the columns and draw pile into the clubs, hearts, spades and diamonds suits in sequential order starting with the Ace as the foundation card and ending with the King at the top of each pile. The player earns points during timed game play. They can review the number of games played, won and lost and their win percentage, high score, average score and best time.

How to play:

Pick an easy one-card, rare two-card or hard three-card draw and a difficulty level or random play. Reveal face-down cards and Aces and then pile cards in suit-based sequential order (i.e. A, 2, 3... 10, J, Q and K) in the build zone by rearranging columns in reverse-sequential, non-matching-color order (i.e. K, Q, J, 10...).


Mouse: Click the Menu icon at the top left corner, and click various options to turn off/on automove, score, moves, timer and effects. Click the Themes button to change the card deck front and back imagery and table background. Click a card on a column or the draw pile to move it into position or click and drag it. Click a face-down card once to flip it. To receive a hint when stuck, click the "Hint" button labeled with a light bulb. To change a move, click the "Redo" or "Undo" arrow buttons.
Mobile: Access the Menu touching the icon with a fingertip or stylus once. To reposition a card, tap it or tap, hold and drag a finger or stylus across the screen. To flip a card, tap the back once. To receive a hint, tap "Hint." To modify a move, tap "Redo" or "Undo."

Release Date:

About the Creator:

Amazing Klondike Solitaire is created by Amazing Hedgehog games. Amazing Hedgehog games creates casual puzzle games like sudoku, card games and match 3 games. They have also created the following games: Amazing Word Search, Amazing Squares, Amazing Word Twist, Amazing Dominoes, Amazing Jewel, Amazing Sudoku, 3D Ball Fall,

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Play Amazing Klondike Solitaire. Amazing Klondike Solitaire is the classic game of Klondike Solitaire designed by Amazing Hedgehog Studio.
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