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Merge Defense

Action Merge

Merge Defense is a Tower Defense-style game, and it was developed by Yizhiyuan Network Technology. This subgenre of strategy games has the goal of placing defensive units that fire projectiles along the paths of enemy units in such a way that you are able to destroy them before they can encroach your territory. The way you place your units is paramount to success with these kinds of games, because doing so in a way that isn't able to efficiently destroy all of the encroaching enemy units means you lose.

Something unique about Merge Defense is that you are also combining units together into entirely new, stronger units. This opens up another level of strategy because you will have to balance spawning and placing units with dragging and dropping units of the same color to create stronger ones, and then dispensing those new units to strategically target rows of more difficult enemies.

How to play:

Spawn cannons by clicking the hammer button, then drag and drop cannons of the same color to create new, stronger cannons. You keep your old cannons each time the stage changes, meaning you may have to place them in different spots to optimize your firepower when targeting enemies. In addition to that, you will need to manage your power-ups, which include doubling the speed of your cannons, slowing down enemies, or earning double the amount of gold. As you destroy enemy units, you are earning diamonds and gold to buy more units and power-ups.


As for the controls, all you really need is a mouse. Clicking buttons to buy units or power-ups, then dragging and dropping to place or fuse your units, is all you have to do. Once they are placed, your cannons will automatically start firing. Jump to top

Release Date:

August 2021

About the Creator:

Merge Defense is created by Yizhiyuan Network Technology. Yizhiyuan Network Technology creates high quality web games. They create game in all kind of categories. They have also created the following games: Puppy Blast, Bear Boom, Jelly Crush, Best Link, Cube Mania, Pet Crush, 3 Link, Elf Splash,

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Play Merge Defense! Merge Defense is a Tower Defense-style game, and it was developed by Yizhiyuan Network Technology.
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