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Puppy Blast

Match 3

Puppy blast is a popular and free to play match 3 game with a dog/puppy style. The game has more then 100 different and challenging levels. Before each level starts you can choose a booster. This requires a certain level to be before you can use it. When you start the game you will get tips from Jerry, he teaches you how to play the game.


Each level does have a target. For example: the first level requires you to remove 10 blue and 10 red blocks. Once done the level is finished. Finish in the given time to collect stars.

Puppy Blast gives a unique twist on color-matching games that players have become accustomed to over the years. What differentiates Puppy Blast from traditional point-and-click matching games is the "target" feature located on the player's screen. After clearing these goals, the player completes the level, receiving a one, two or three-star rating based on their performance.

How to play:

In simple terms, each board has color goals, whereby players are required to match blocks according to their target's requirements. If a player successfully pairs target colors without too many errors, they receive a three-star rating once the board completes. Similarly, if a player excessively falters, they receive lackluster star ratings.

To make things interesting, Puppy Blast places a rocket square on the board, giving players an opportunity to clear blocks on an entire row regardless of its color pairings. The rocket feature becomes available after players combine five or six similar colors on adjacent squares. However, players who successfully clear seven or eight blocks receive a bomb. Bombs explode adjacent colors in a square radius, knocking down obstacles and clearing way for additional colors. And for the lucky players who group nine blocks of uniform color, a magic cube icon appears. Magic cubes remove all matching blocks on the board, making it easy to progress to the next level.

Players'= home screens have unique tools, such as the star chest, which gives users additional prizes and gifts for consistently completing boards. And for enthusiasts who want to unlock digital delights, daily ads provide players with goodies for investing small chunks of time watching sponsor-friendly ads. Complete daily missions and goals to become the ultimate Puppy Blast champion.


Players clear adjacent blocks by clicking on groups of like-colored squares. The more tiles within the block of similar color, the better the reward. Jump to top

Release Date:

May 2019

About the Creator:

Puppy Blast is created by Yizhiyuan Network Technology. Yizhiyuan Network Technology creates high quality web games. They create game in all kind of categories. They have also created the following games:

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Puppy blast is a popular and free to play match 3 game with a dog/puppy style. The game has more then 100 different and challenging levels.
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