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Jelly Crush

Match 3

Jelly Crush is a tile-matching game with a dessert theme. The world is filled with cakes, candies, cookies, donuts and other treats. One-eyed jelly creatures have overwhelmed the land. The player must remove two or more adjacent jellies and other items, such as gems, lollipop tops and multicolored pinwheels, from boards across many levels. If the player is successful, they receive green jewels that they can use to buy hearts that unlock new levels, boosters and tools.

The player receives a target goal at the beginning of each level. They must remove a specific number and type of jelly creatures. They must perform this mission before they run out of moves. The game supplies them initially with free boosters and tools that can help them remove the jellies and any other items faster, including a missile that clears away an entire column or row, a bomb that takes out matching and non-matching jellies, a hammer that removes a single jelly and a paintbrush that turns all jellies in an area into the same type.

The game also allows the player to create boosters. For example, to make missiles, they can combine five or six jellies. They can combine seven or eight jellies to create a boom bomb and nine or more jellies to create a rainbow jelly that clears all jellies that match a nearby color. If the player combines two or more boosters, they can make even more powerful boosters. For example, two rainbow boosters combine to create a booster that removes all jellies from the board.

Crush all little jelly animals in jelly crush. In jelly crush you must click or tap jellies that are 3 or more in a row. This row can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. Score the point limit in each level to go to the next one. Choose a level to play on the map that guides you through different worlds. In the spin wheel, you can spin for extra points, lives or powerups. You can buy various items in the shop.

Jelly Crush helps the player in other ways. It offers a spin wheel, a treasure chest and an attendance award to gift the player with jewels, boosters and tools.

How to play:

Review the targets. Search for matching jellies and other items. Select two or more jellies. Remove jellies to allow other items to fall to the bottom of the board. If necessary, purchase and use boosters and tools.


Mouse: To perform any action with the user interface, click the onscreen element.
Mobile: To perform any action, tap the element.

Release Date:

About the Creator:

Jelly Crush is created by Yizhiyuan Network Technology. Yizhiyuan Network Technology creates high quality web games. They create game in all kind of categories. They have also created the following games: Puppy Blast,

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Play Jelly Crush and crush all jellies in this lovely match 3 game that you can play for free without any downloads on our website. Crush all those jellies!
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