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Bricks n Balls

Casual Brick Breaker

Bricks'n balls is a game that resembles a bubble shooter but is very different. This time you do not make combinations of 3 balls or more but you have to shoot all blocks in Arkonoid style. The blocks have a number, this number indicates how often you have to hit this block. use one of the many powerups to hit many blocks at once. By causing chain reactions you get a lot of balls on the screen at once. Then it goes very fast! Control the chaos. In the menu you can choose other balls, which you can unlock by passing the levels and winning diamonds.


If you hit the plus with your ball, your ball will bounce back under the screen. This is very useful to hit multiple balls because then they are not gone immediately. Use this in combination with the extra balls to clear the field quickly.


You can get multipliers in Bricks n balls, with this multiplier you shoot multiple balls in a row. Once unlocked, keep this multiplier. This is very handy because then you can quickly remove the blocks with, for example, a 10 on it. Otherwise this will be almost impossible

About the Creator:

Bricks n Balls is created by InLogic Sowftware. InLogic Sowftware is an casual game developer from Kosice, Slovakia. They have also created the following games: Sweet Candy Mania,

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Play Bricks n Balls, the game where you must shoot all the bricks. Unleash the chaos by making massive combination and playing with hundreds of balls at the same time.
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