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Pokemon Bricks Breaker

Casual Brick Breaker

The Pokemon Bricks Breaker game has just been released this month. It is a fairly simple game and features graphics from the Pokemon franchise. There are different Pokemon characters displayed on the player�s game screen. One advances through different levels of the game by shooting at different colored bricks. The balls that one shoots look like pokeballs from the Pokemon franchise.

In the beginning of the game, there are only a few bricks to aim at, but as one progresses through the levels there are many more colored bricks. One also gains gold coins, gifts and rewards throughout the game. The player aims and clicks their mouse at the colored bricks. The pokeballs that the player shoots destroy the bricks after they are hit the correct amount of times. Each brick has a number inside of it which indicates how many times it must be hit to be destroyed.

The gameplay is quite simple and easy to understand. When one aims and shoots at the different colored bricks, many pokeballs are quickly released from the cannon. The pokeballs ricochet and bounce around hitting the different bricks. The bricks start to move farther down the player�s screen after each time the player shoots the pokeballs. If the bricks reach the bottom of the screen before the player destroys them, it results in a game over. So, the player must destroy the colored bricks as quickly as possible if they wish to advance to the next level.

How to play:

Shoot the numbered bricks and hit them the amount of times displayed on top. Get extra balls and other powerups to help.


Mouse: Aim the bubbles and click to shoot the bubble.
Mobile: Tap and hold to aim and release to shoot the bubble.

Release Date:

September 2021

About the Creator:

Pokemon Bricks Breaker is created by Bubblelab. BubbleLab Games develops casual puzzle games like bubble shooter and match 3 games. They have also created the following games:

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Play Pokemon Bricks Breaker for free on our website. Break all bricks in this ball shooting game. Use powerups to complete all levels.
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