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Clone Ball Rush

Casual Run

A fun and fast-paced puzzle game featuring colorful graphics, addicting gameplay, and a variety of levels. Once you complete a group, the clone balls will let go of their prison and make their way towards freedom in style! The more clones saved during each level make easier it for them to stay together so they can reach their escape route quicker.

The game has 15 different stages (or rounds), each containing another task to complete. The player will be asked to do various functions such as releasing the clones, breaking walls, and picking up objects that will all play a role in getting them free from prison. The player must also protect their clones from obstacles such as fireballs and exploding buildings while they work towards their goal. Your score and number of clones saved will increase as you play through the levels.

How to play:

The objective of the game is straightforward. The player must guide the clones to freedom by bouncing their ball off one another. You must protect them and help them always get to the exit. The game features different modes that are unlocked as each level is completed. Earn rewards, unlock new balls and upgrades, and gain club points to access new methods and stages! As the player progresses, they can unlock new balls containing different characters that help guide the clones to freedom. These unique characters act as extra help and can be used in combination when applicable. For example, you could use the fire character's ball to quickly break through a dirt wall so that the clones have a clear route to freedom.


This game is played with the keyboard or a mouse. The controls are simple. The keyboard's left and right arrow keys control the ball's movement. While playing the game, it is recommended that you first practice moving your ball in a controlled manner before you attempt to play against time.

Release Date:

About the Creator:

Clone Ball Rush is created by Bestgamesfreeplay. Bestgamefreeplay creates and publishes casual games. They have also created the following games: Magical Bubble Shooter, Jewels Connect, Monster Shooter Defense, Among Us Bubble Shooter, Cute Monster Bubble Shooter, Jungle Bubble Shooter, Multi Maze 3D, Fill Up Block Logic Puzzle,

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Clone Ball Rush is an online physics-based puzzle game where you must use bouncing balls, timing, and strategy to lead your clones to freedom. The more balls you save, the higher your score will be!
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