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Help The Hero


Embark on an exhilarating puzzle adventure in Help the Hero. In this captivating game, you'll need your wits and quick thinking to guide the hero through a world filled with obstacles. Your mission is to clear a safe path, ensuring the hero's survival amidst treacherous challenges.

Each level presents a unique puzzle that requires strategic decision-making and problem-solving. Remove obstacles, analyze the terrain, and make choices swiftly to beat the clock. The hero depends on your guidance!

Whether you're a puzzle enthusiast seeking a mental challenge or simply looking for an engaging game, "Help the Hero" offers an immersive experience. Test your skills and become the hero's guiding light in this thrilling adventure!

How to play:

  1. Study the level and analyze the obstacles that block the hero's path.
  2. Click on obstacles strategically to remove them and clear the way for the hero.
  3. Plan your moves carefully to create a safe path for the hero to reach the exit.
  4. Complete each level by guiding the hero to safety before the time runs out.
  5. Advance to more challenging levels as you sharpen your problem-solving skills.


Controlling Help the Hero is simple and intuitive. You'll use your mouse or touchscreen to interact with the game. Here's how:

Release Date:

September 2023

About the Creator:

Help The Hero is created by AA2G1. They have also created the following games:

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Help the Hero is a captivating puzzle adventure game where you guide the hero through challenges. Solve puzzles, remove obstacles, and strategize to ensure the hero's survival. Play now for a brain-teasing adventure!
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