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Super Buddy Run 2

Casual Run

Buddy is back! In Super Buddy Run 2: Crazy City, the buddy character is on the run once more, but this time he's in a car rather than on foot.

The player's primary objective is to help the character race his vehicle on dangerous roads through a snowy mountain city where the road-construction engineers made a lot of questionable decisions. The player must maneuver carefully when using the accelerator or risk the vehicle stalling without enough road to accelerate up a hill, becoming stuck on the edge of a ramp or inside of a crevasse or crashing and blowing up. The road has a wide range of design problems, including bridges and ramps made of wooden logs and panels that fall away when touched, curved sections that form deep bowls, wavy hills and inclines and speed bumps in odd spots.

Additionally, the player must prevent the vehicle from crashing or blowing up because of deadly objects placed in the middle of the road, including button mines, crates filled with bricks and metal spikes. They also need to use caution when flipping or rolling backwards. They can blow up if they flip too close to the ground or roll backwards too close to a deadly object. The player completes a level successfully when they reach an area of the course marked with red flags.

During gameplay, the player must collect golden coins. They use these coins to upgrade their basic yellow sedan before playing the next level. For example, they can upgrade to a classic, purple hot rod.

How to play:

Accelerate and decelerate the vehicle to race it on the road, collect coins and jump away from obstacles and threats. Perform stunt maneuvers, as needed. Protect the buddy character until he reaches the red flags. Purchase a different vehicle whenever possible with collected coins.


Mouse: Click on the screen to accelerate. Stop clicking to slow down. Click and hold the mouse button to flip the vehicle and perform mid-air stunts.
Mobile: Tap the screen or trackpad with the tip of a finger or stylus to make the vehicle roll forward. Stop tapping to decelerate. Tap and press down to flip the vehicle.

Release Date:

About the Creator:

Super Buddy Run 2 is created by Kiz10. Kiz10 creates casual games, like platform games, bubble shooter games, and adventure games. They have also created the following games: Super Mario Rush 2, Super Mario Rush, Wings Rush 2, Ultimate Mario Run, Wings Rush, Where Is The Water, Super Mario vs Wario Online, Tomb Of The Mask Neon,

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Play Super Buddy Run 2! Buddy is back! In Super Buddy Run 2: Crazy City, the buddy character is on the run once more, but this time he's in a car rather than on foot.
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