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Giant Rush

Casual Run

Giant Rush! is a hyper-casual, running game in which the player helps a stickman collect strength and navigate around obstacles on a track.

The stickman is a hero who defeats enemies when he grows from normal to giant size by collecting other stickmen, known as blobs, standing on the track. He starts the race with a specific body color. The player must maneuver him through similar blobs to achieve a larger size. The stickman runs through lights that change his color as well, which means the player must then alter his direction to run through blobs of the new color. They must also deal with dangerous or deadly obstacles, including solid brick walls and moving spiked traps and turnstiles, and collect purple gemstones to acquire boosters that make the run easier, and special hats, shoes and kicks. They can collect keys too to win gemstones and gear as rewards.

Once the stickman reaches the end of the track, preferably as a giant warrior wearing a golden crown, the player helps him beat another stickman in a boxing match. If the stickman wins, he kicks the opponent down a multiplier track. With each new level, the stickman faces off against larger enemies until he reaches a Giant King boss enemy.

How to play:

Direct the stickman through the blobs of matching color. Increase his strength and size by collecting as many as possible. Depending on his size, navigate him around or through obstacles. Use boosters. Collect gemstones and keys.


Mouse: To direct the stickman, press and hold down the left button, and then move the mouse left or right, as needed. To fight during the boxing match, click the stickman or fight arena repeatedly.
Mobile: To direct the stickman, press a fingertip or stylus to the screen or trackpad and then slide it left or right, as needed. To fight during the boxing match, tap the stickman or fight arena repeatedly.

Release Date:

About the Creator:

Giant Rush is created by Tapnation. Tapnation creates mobile apps and online games. They are known for their high quality games with long playtimes. They have also created the following games:

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