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Rockbasher is a fun, educational game that offers the user an opportunity to learn about the Earth's geology. The user explores various rock formations and minerals in this 3D game. The game is based on a speed-training technique called "Speed Memory", a popular teaching method used to train athletes and musicians. The user tries to identify minerals and fossilized remains of creatures stressed by a flickering light. The light gradually changes, tricking the eye and making the user believe he recognizes the mineral faster than in real life.

The game's goal is to help you learn geological facts, names and locations of rock formations, minerals, fossils and rare elements based on their distinguishing visual features in a fun and entertaining way. The game is played by rotating objects in three-dimensional space using a mutual dragging movement (drag-and-drop) using the mouse. An extensive collection of samples can be found on Earth, the moon (one of Jupiter's moons) or as far as Mars.


Rockbasher is an educational game that allows the player to navigate through the world of rocks and minerals. The user will be challenged to locate and identify specific rock types and minerals by memory.

The game is based on principles of speed-memory techniques used for training athletes, musicians and sportsmen/women. The fun game format allows the user to play at their own pace, particularly useful for people who live in remote areas without access to local educational resources or cultural events (e.g., museums).


Rockbasher is a 3D game based on a speed-memory technique called "Speed Memory". The game's goal is for the user to identify rock formations and minerals within a limited amount of time. The user must identify 20 different types of rocks and minerals worldwide to win this game.

Players will have to use their knowledge and experience to recognize geologic features they have seen before (e.g., igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic) and their visual and spatial recognition skills (e.g., patterns, shapes and sizes).

More than 100 types of rock and mineral formations are classified into four major groups: igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic, and quartz.

How to play:

Playing the game is simple:

1.Start the game by clicking on the "Play" button.
2.Navigate your character through the world of rock and minerals by using the arrow keys on your keyboard.
3.When you come to a rock formation or mineral, remember it and then continue moving forward and observing new rocks/minerals presented to you in each difficulty level.
4.To navigate faster through the terrain, press the "-" key on your keyboard twice in a row to enter into fast movement mode.
5.To identify any rock or mineral, click on it with the left mouse button.


1. Navigate: Use arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate through the world of rocks and minerals.
2. Select/Identify: Left click on any rock/mineral with the left mouse button.
3. To exit the game, press the Esc key.
4. To resume the game, press the Play button again.
5. To quit the game during an in-game session, press the Esc key.
6. Game provides personal statistics such as the total number of rocks/minerals found, total time spent and the number of games played.

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Play Rockbasher for free. Dig tunnels and smash rocks in this adventure game with more then 200 lvels. Rock Basher is free to play.
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