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Jewel Miner


Jewel miner is one of the newest games out there but this has not stopped a lot of the gamers out there from playing it as much as they can. So what is this new game & just how do you play? Well, it does not seem as if it's the kind of game in which you win but you can still click on 2 or more jewels in an effort to make them all disappear. Once you have gotten all of the jewels gone, this is how you move on to the next level. You use a mouse to click on it if you are playing it on a lap top but if you are playing it on a phone, you just tap on each jewel to get them to match. So the best way to play is to find two jewels that are of the same color. Once you do that, you want to get them to line up so you can get them to cancel each other out. After you have done that, you want to keep doing this as much as you can until each one of them are gone. Once this has been done, you will move on to the next level & the thing to remember is each level will get a bit harder as you move higher up in the game. The game is made for you to have a lot of fun with it while not being overly competitive as you make your way through each level in an effort to make it to the end. By the time you have gotten there you can always go back so you can play again & this is when you get the chance to show them what you can do in the game. It was made by Red foc & they have made a lot of the new games over the years such as tile mahjong & super balls as well as space bubbles. The thing to keep in mind is some of them are stars while the other gems are diamonds. So you want to make sure that each gem is the right shape when you try to match them up. This will help you to do as well as you can in the game for many years to come. It is sure to be a good fun game for the whole family.

How to play:

Click or tap on 2 ore more connected jewels, they will all disappear. Remove all jewels from the board to go to the next leve.


Mouse: Click a row of matching jewels.
Mobile: Tap a row of matching jewels.

Release Date:

September 2021

About the Creator:

Jewel Miner is created by Redfoc. Redfoc is a small team of game developers that creates casual games. They have also created the following games: Space Bubbles, Super Balls, Tile Mahjong,

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Play Jewel Miner, connect al jewels and complete all levels in this mining game with jewels.
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