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Gold Miner Tom

Gold Miner Tom is a classic goldminer game like they used to be on the old days. Use your claw to dig up coins, gold, treasures and special items to earn money. The claw will move from left to right, wait for the correct timing and click or tap when you want to dig. The claw will then dig and reel up the gold you grabbed. You can buy powerups with your coins.Avoid hitting rocks, they are very heavy and take long to dig, which is not helpful with the time limit. Try to dig the bigger gold chunks for the most money. There also will be money bags with a random amount of money to dig up.In each level you have a set of goals, you must dig up a certain weight or amount of valuables. When you dig that before the time runs out you will advance to the next level. If you fail in the amount of time given you are game over.Gold miner tom features nice cartoon-like graphics and is easy to play for all ages, just to kill some time or to get in the highscores.

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