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2048 is an exciting development found right on https://www.bubbleshooter.net/2048/ and can be accessed right away from your internet browser. 2048 is actually a really interesting and thought provoking game. For fans of Sodoku and crossword puzzles, this is a really great way to tickle your brain and engage your puzzling side! I had a really awesome time playing this game, and I recommend this to anyone looking to blow past an entire afternoon enjoying your free time!
This game has a really relaxing color palette, and I could not ask for a greater choice of soft cream and brown colors. All you need to do is click on new game and use your arrow keys to move the tiles. When two tiles with the same number are touching, they will then begin to merge directly into one another! And you continue joining the numbers and reach the ever out of reach 2048 tile! This is a great way to teach addition and mathematics as well as have a really great time.

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Play 2048, the game where you have to merge the tiles until you reach the ultimate 2048 tile. This original 2048 game is free to play.
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