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Merge Push


Play Merge Push. Merge Push is a mix between 2048 and a tetris styled game. Push the blocks and match the numbers.
Merge Push is an online game where players work together to push a large block through maze-like levels, with the ultimate goal of making it to the goal line. It is a collaborative game with players playing at their own time and pace.

To complete each level, players must overcome at least one obstacle (such as steep ramps, pushing blocks up to get them over obstacles, or inching along tiny platforms) by working together as a team. The game involves a lot of quirky physics (for example, if a player pushes a block in just the right way to get it past an obstacle, the block will slowly tilt, tipping over and eventually falling off the ledge if it is not moved back into position).

Players use their computers to work together by creating maps where blocks can be pushed and rotated around. Players must solve puzzles, often utilizing blocks pushed into place or created by other players. Once a clue for the level has been solved, the level can be progressed through. It is a popular game because of its collaborative nature, which requires players to work together to progress through levels.

How to play:

Players make maps by connecting, rotating, and manipulating blocks already on the map. Some of these blocks can be moved, but most require players to push them into place to be rotated. Once a player has found the solution for each level (given in the form of a cryptic clue), they can use the clues to solve their puzzles or obstacles.


Players will use the arrow keys on their keyboard like they would when playing an online game such as slither.io, where they can move a cursor around and manipulate objects on the map in real-time. Players will additionally use their mice to rotate and drag objects on their maps.

At the bottom of the screen is a hand, which acts as a mouse cursor. When players click on objects, they can drag them around the level. When players place objects in the levels together in groups, they are said to "merge" that object into another object, allowing them to move the newly created object around their maps. Jump to top

Release Date:

July 2022

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Play Merge Push. Merge Push is a mix between 2048 and a tetris styled game. Push the blocks and match the numbers.
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