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Pop It Master


Pop It Master is yet another online Bubble Shooter game CLASSIC developed by RAD BROTHERS. Pop It Master is a unique and fun variation of our other classic bubble-pop games. If you're at all familiar with our very well known BUBBLE SHOOTER game, or any of the other exciting games and titles that we offer based on this gaming premise, then you'll know that MILLIONS of people worldwide LOVE to come online and spend HOURS each day playing our SUPER FUN and thus highly addictive games!

The premise of Pop It Master is simple - all you have to do as you play is POP THE BUBBLES! The bubbles are arranged inside of various shapes and patterns, such as a RAINBOW UNICORN, a yellow rubber duckie, a purple tortoise, and a very multicolored POPSICLE ON A STICK just to name a few - because there are many, many more fabulous and unique board designs. It's true! But not only is Pop It Master a KALEIDOSCOPE of beautifully vibrant colors, it also has a very soothing and relaxing soundtrack to go with the gameplay as well.

Pop It Master can be played as a solo, relaxing, peaceful game you can play without having to worry about a timeclock or keeping score as you play along to the soothing music - OR - Pop It Master can be played as a highly competitive game, wherein you can race against yourself or against a friend trying to beat personal best times and scores. Oh, don't be fooled - MILLIONS of people all across the globe LOVE to take competing in their Bubble Shooter games very, VERY SERIOUSLY... But you don't HAVE TO EITHER! You can play how YOU like! That's the real beauty of it!

Another wonderful thing about Pop It Master is that you DON'T have to download it! Pop It Master doesn't take up ANY space on your computer's memory! But, even more fantastic than that is POP IT MASTER WON'T TRY TO GET YOU TO MAKE ANY IN GAME PURCHASES! There is NO "upselling!" Everything about playing POP IT MASTER and all of our other games is absolutely 100% free...and it ALWAYS will be!

Millions of people all around the world can't be wrong - our games are a hit! So whether you're just looking for a few relaxing rounds in a soothing gameplay atmosphere to take the edge off of your day, or if you want to show your friend that you're nothing to mess with competitively, then POP IT MASTER is right for you!

How to play:

Pop all bumps to open the next toy. There are 80 toys availible.


Mouse: Click the bubbles to pop.
Mobile: Tap the bubbles to pop

Release Date:

June 2021

About the Creator:

Pop It Master is created by Rad brothers. They have also created the following games:

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Play Pop It Master, the game where you have to pop all Pop it's. This great and relaxing hit game is totally free to play on our website. Play Popit master now!
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