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Merge The Numbers

Games nowadays truly have changed in so many ways. It's rare when you're able to find a game that’s not only clearly entertaining but is also extremely healthy for your brain. With that being said Merge The Numbers is one of those rare gems. As you race against the clock the goal is to match numbers in order to earn yourself not only more points but also more time to continue playing. Essentially the game will not end unless you fail to find a match within the parameters of the time bars limits. No, this is not a first-person shooter game, this is not a blood and guts action-thriller, although Merge The Numbers has the unique ability to push each player far from the thought of quitting, and the thought of beating their high score at the forefront. Awareness, the identity of your keyboard, and a bit of consistency will get you started. As I played I quickly realized subconsciously I felt activated, metaphorically like shaking off the cobwebs. I refuse to bad-mouth or mention anything negative with regard to other games. If your anything like me and enjoys a challenge, Merge The Numbers is the game for you. The colorful virtual game board draws you in and the mixture of numbers one through nine continues to test your ability to match numbers of the same suit. Let's just say my first try didn’t produce a favorable result. Yet, already being hooked, I watched my high score continue to rise with each attempt while being reeled in. Long story short, give Merge The Numbers a try, I’m just warning you, it's difficult to not become addicted!
Merge The Numbers

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Play Merge the numbers, merge all numbers in this challenging puzzle game. Merge the numbers features multiple levels and great gameplay. Play for hours.