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Happy Glass 2

Puzzle Drawing

Happy Glass 2 is here! Fill up the glass with water by drawing the lines that go to the glass. Try to spill as little as possible. Happy Glass 2 is a game available on both the Apple app store and Google play store. Children and adults alike enjoy playing the game. It is available for a free download from the app stores, while also being available for free play on the internet.

The game is a logic and puzzle game that truly has the ability to keep players entertained for hours. There are three different versions within the game, offering consistent variety and excitement within the game. Every level within each mode is different and unique, offering a unique playing experience to keep you ready to play and energized.

The point of this puzzle game is to try to fill water glasses to an exact place on a line. Another type of level encourages players to be able to flip the same glasses into an exact spot in the level. Both of these types of levels prove to be difficult in a lighthearted way. The levels promote a level of challenge that players will know is possible to conquer, but players will also know that conquering the levels require work.

Happy Glass 2 is the second game in the installment of games from this series. Happy Glass was released prior to this game. Happy Glass proved a significantly positive player experience, which encouraged the game makers to create the second edition which seems to have continued positive reviews.

This game does have a very simple graphic layout. Each level is over a grid background with simple shapes and layers overtop. The simplicity is not too overwhelming for players, but it can at times be slightly boring for players as well. More excitement could potentially be put into the design if future Happy Glass games were to come out.

Happy Glass 2 is available to play on whatever device you have, whether you play online or through a mobile application. Start playing the Happy Glass series today to experience the joy many have received from this series. Decide for yourself how you feel about the game. Jump to top

About the Creator:

Happy Glass 2 is created by DAB3Games. DAB3Games develops arcade, adventure, and puzzle games. They are known for their high-quality games. They have also created the following games:

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Play Happy Glass 2. Fill the glass by drawing lines that lead to the glass. Spill no water!
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