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Shaun The Sheep 2048

Puzzle 2048

Shaun The Sheep 2048 is an awesome gave of strategy and mind-power. The focus of the game is to match the tiles to raise the final value of the game to 2048. Once reached- you win! The controlling of the game is very simple, you use the arrow keys in order to move the shapes. On a mobile device you will need to swipe in order to control the app.
Shaun The Sheep 2048 is a game that will challenge your mind and keep your sense keen and on point. This is a game that will keep all ages interested in the from the beginning to the end until you win. You can play with your children, grandchildren, mothers, fathers, and grandparents. This game is a plus for all ages once downloaded. Keeping the mind sharp is something that is required for all ages. This game was created by Coolgames this is one of the largest online gaming creators in the industry. There are a lot of front running titles that have been created with this company and this is what keeps them at the top of the totem pole. The crew that is working behind the scenes are working around the clock on a daily basis to supply creators, directors and programmers with the data they need in order to program and develop new, cool and mind bending games for people of all ages to enjoy for years to come. We all expect to see nothing but the best from this company here in the present and in the future.

How to play:

Move the blocks and match the tiles. Match Multiple tiles to get the value up. When you reach 2048 you win.


Keyboard: Use the arrow keys.
Mobile: Swipe to move the tiles.

Release Date:

June 2021

About the Creator:

Shaun The Sheep 2048 is created by Coolgames. Coolgames is one of the largest online game studios. They have a rich portfolio with a lot of high clss titles. They have also created the following games: Bubbles 2, Tingly Bubble Shooter, Bubble Academy, Jewel Academy, Emoji Bubble, Bubble Charms, Bubble Charms 2, Merge Jewels,

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Play Shaun The Sheep 2048, match all the Shaun the sheep tiles and score 2048. Can you get to the ultimate Shaun the sheep?
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