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Jewels Connect


Jewels Connect gives players the chance to match a variety of jewels while humming along to a catchy tune. The jewels appear in a grid formation and players are tasked with finding matching pairs in order to gain points and ultimately win the jewel challenge.

Jewels Connect offers players a simple interface with options prior to beginning play. The options button, just below the play button gives players the choice of adjusting the volume of the sound and music. Turning both completely off is also an option. After those choices are made, players can choose to start the game by hitting the play button, which then brings up three more options, Easy, Medium, or Hard.

Once you have selected the difficulty level, playing the game is straightforward. Find a matching set of jewels, select each one, and then they will disappear from gameplay. As the jewels disappear, open spaces start to appear on the grid and the player can more easily see the remaining jewels to be matched. The Easy level grid is made up of six vertical spaces and twelve horizontal spaces, resulting in seventy-two different jewels to match. The Medium difficulty level is a grid of six vertical and fourteen horizontal rows. The most difficult level, Hard, is where the jewels are placed in a gird that is eight rows high by sixteen rows long. The jewels on all levels come in a variety of shapes and colors from triangles to pentagons and even diamond-shaped glittering gems.

At the top of the gameboard on the left hand side is a timer that gives you six minutes on the Easy and Medium levels and eight minutes on the Hard level. Next to the timer is the player's score and then in the center the current board level of play. On the right-hand side are some important tools for gameplay. A gold square with the number 5 next to it allows for the reshuffling of the gameboard. Next to that is a lightbulb that will give visual clues as to what move to make next. And at the very end is a pause button so players can pause the game as needed.

Jewels Connect offers players a challenging and colorful board game that will delight gamers of all ages.

How to play:

Connect the matching jewels and remove them from the board. The jewels can be connected by a maximum of 3 lines.


Release Date:

September 2021

About the Creator:

Jewels Connect is created by Bestgamesfreeplay. Bestgamefreeplay creates and publishes casual games. They have also created the following games: Magical Bubble Shooter, Monster Shooter Defense, Among Us Bubble Shooter, Cute Monster Bubble Shooter,

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Play Jewels Connect for free, without download. Connect all the jewels and complete all challenging and colorful levels.
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