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Jelly Madness


When most people think of jellies, they probably don�t think of how challenging they can be. For every level in Jelly Madness, you must develop new strategies to help yourself beat the game. There are different types of powerups that give you special advantages throughout the game, and they can make it much easier to beat difficult levels! If you�re looking for an exciting new puzzle game, check out this article to find out why you�ll fall in love with Jelly Madness!

There's Something About...

It seems that there are a lot of games based on jellies these days. But is there really anything so captivating about them? Or are they merely eye candy meant to be consumed by gullible users? Well, today we're going to find out why people love jelly so much! It just might have something to do with how good it tastes when you put it on your toast in the morning...or not! Let's talk more about jelly and figure out what makes it so interesting after all!

It's Just One Big Family

This game is different from many of your other online games because it's made up of several mini-games. And if you're thinking you can run right through them all, think again�it's harder than it sounds! If you love games like Candy Crush Saga or Farm Heroes Saga, but are looking for something with an adult-themed twist, then check out Jelly Madness today. It's just one big family! :)

It Keeps Getting Better

In Jelly Madness, not only can you connect 3 or more jellies at a time for combinations, but as you advance through the levels, those jellies will start to explode. When those little Jell-O bombs go off it�s like little fireworks going off on your screen. The cool part is that they blow up into other things that then blow up into even more things.

With such an exciting and fast-paced game it might be hard to concentrate, but that just makes for a better chance of connecting more than three! This game is addicting and fun; while some games get boring after you play them for too long, Jelly Madness manages to stay interesting and challenging without ever becoming frustrating!

One great feature of these types of puzzle games is that there�s always something new! New levels and ways of playing make each new game unique and different from all others.

Game Modes Galore

When playing any game you�ll probably be stuck at some point, but when playing Jelly Madness you�ll never be stuck for too long. The game has five different game modes. These game modes are Easy Mode, Hard Mode, Frenzy Mode, Time Attack and Arcade. There is also a high score list for each mode that allows you to see how well you did compared to other players.

How to play:

Connect the jellies and make combinations of 3 or more. You can get powerups by connecting more than 3 jellies at a time. Before the game begins it will tell you how to play it.


Mouse: Click and drag to connect the jellies.
Mobile: Swipe to connect the jellies.

Release Date:

July 2019

About the Creator:

Jelly Madness is created by Funnygames. Funnygames is a large online game developer, they have been around for years and have released a lot of great games. They have also created the following games: Bouncing Balls,

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Play Jelly Madness, connect all same colored jellies and complete all levels inJ elly Madness.You can play Jelly Madness for free on our website.
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