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Island Puzzle


Tropical jungle infused theme, Island Puzzle is a newly innovated game that could last beyond hours and so on. From level one and on up, I am given stars that add up to allow me to complete the tasks given. Eventually each level becomes harder by limiting the amount of moves I can make in order to complete the level. With the levels becoming limited, the game eventually gives three boosters to optimize my overall success. Island puzzle allows me to connect objects vertically, horizontally and so forth. This technique allows me to connect as many objects that are requested in order to complete the level itself. When grouping more objects together, I am able to boost my final score on each round. Along with each level that I am completing, comes along new tasks to help me further advance within the jungle story theme. In order to complete these tasks, on every level I have to complete the clearing of all specific objects in order to obtain puppy paw stars. These puppy paw stars are what allow me to complete a task. There are times when I have to clear out objects that will not count towards my goal, but if I strategize right I am able to meet the goal required. Overall, Island Puzzle is a very intriguing game that could take up any spare time I have throughout the day, that is how addicting I can see it becoming. This game vaguely reminds me of many other obstacle clearing games, but with its own twist of a jungle theme. Island Puzzle can become addicting for the reason being that everyone loves the excitement of clearing out obstacles. This game does the job of grabbing audiences of all ranges due to the colorful design while engaging you into a jungle themed story line.

About the Creator:

Island Puzzle is created by AppyApp. Appy App consists of three people. For 5 years, we have been developing cross-platform HTML5 games. They have also created the following games:

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Play Island Puzzle, the match 3 game with a tropical island theme. match all the jungle themed objects and make combinations of 3 or more in this free to play match 3 game named Island puzzle.
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