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Bouncing Balls

Bubble Shooter

Bouncing Balls is a classically addictive strategy game. Full of color and randomly generated boards, Bubble Shooter is sure to keep you engaged and entertained every time you play.
How to Play
Clear the board as fast as possible. Aim, and fire your bubbles at like-colored targets. Match 3 and watch the bubbles pop away, match more and watch entire clusters fall away. Make winning combinations to maximize your points and land yourself on the leader board. Miss a shot, and a new line gets added for you to clear. Be careful, because if you miss too many shots and the field reaches the bottom of the screen, and it's game over.
Key Features:

Rated E for Everyone
Bouncing balls is suitable for players of all ages across all backgrounds. Its simple, yet colorful design makes it user-friendly and easy to operate. Bubble Shooter is also compatible with web browsers across PC, Mac, and even Mobile � so you can play at any time, with any of your devices.
Randomly Generated Boards
Every game begins with an all-new randomly generated field of bubbles and firing line. You never get the same board twice making this an awesome strategy game to keep you coming back for more. Hit the reset button at any time to get a new playing field.
Colorful Design
Not only are the bubbles colorful but so are the backgrounds! Toggle the settings menu and drag the color markers to customize the background color to your liking. Bright or dark to maximize contrast to play Bubble Shooter without straining your eyes.
Bouncing balls is the most played game of its type. It is completely free, so you can enjoy this classic as often as you like on our site.

How to play:

Bounce the balls into the other balls and make combinations of 3 or more balls of the same color. If you have bounced all balls you will go to the next level.


Mouse: Click to release the ball.
Mobile: Tap where you want to shoot the ball.

Release Date:


About the Creator:

Bouncing Balls is created by Funnygames. Funnygames is a large online game developer, they have been around for years and have released a lot of great games. They have also created the following games:

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Play bouncing balls, bouncing balls is the traditional bubble shooter game. Shoot the colored bubbles and clear the field.
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