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Bubble Spin

Bubble Shooter

Bubble spin is a mountain of fun for people of all ages! It has an aim and shoot style of gameplay. The object of the game is to hit the golden star in the middle of your screen with one of the bubbles that you shoot. In order to get to the golden star, you have to pop the bubbles that are on the wheel surrounding it. Once you shoot a bubble, the wheel moves in the direction of the gravitational pull of the bubble. The object of the game is making bubble groups of three or more of the same color. For example, if you shoot a purple bubble into an existing group of two purple bubbles, they pop and disappear! You get to see the color of the current bubble you are shooting and the next runner up. You have to strategize to effectively pop the bubbles before you stack too many of different colors. This renders them unpoppable and once a stack touches the edge of the screen, you lose the game! There are different types of magic bubbles including a fiery ball which is a bomb and destroys the surrounding bubbles of where it is shot! This game sharpens your decision-making skills to solve the puzzle and obtain the star. Bubble spin really challenges you and makes you want to beat the tricky levels so badly!

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Play Bubble Spin, the bubble shooter game with spinning field. Make combinations of 3 or more and shoot strategically to move the spinning field in your advantage.
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