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Jewel Magic

Match 3

This is a delightful game that can entertain users of all ages. The game is in the bubble shooter category of games. The items that you must shoot in a line are magical jewels. The game is complex and requires attention, as well as skill.

How Jewel Magic Works

The playing pieces are composed of sparkling jewels that you must line up to match. The jewels much match in color and shape. Your goal is to line up as many matching pieces as possible.

As a player, you can move the jewels on the board so that they form a straight line. You can only move one jewel at a time. The jewels may be purple, green or even blue in color. It is your motive to create lines of matching jewels, in terms of color and shape.

You must do this in order to gain points. When you match jewels of the same color and shape, they disappear from the board. Then their space is taken up by new color jewels.

The Setting

The game is set in a magical forest. It is a beautiful and glowing green. The background setting of the game adds to its sense of magic.

The music in the background of the game is pleasant and upbeat. It motivates the player to do his or her best in matching all possible jewels. The music is lively and cheerful.

Level by Level

On level one, you should accomplish 5,000 points. Remember, you gave me points by matching the jewels. You can only move each jewel one space at a time. You cannot skip spaces when you move jewels. There are various different bonuses that may appear on the board when you match a certain number of jewels.

It is possible to win a rainbow jewel when you match five or more of the same color jewel in a row. There is also a dynamite stick that you can earn by matching jewels. The game increases in difficulty, level by level. You will find that there are different challenges when you increase your level. As you gain scale, the challenges become more difficult.

Rainbow Jewels

When you match five more on the same color and shape jewel, you can earn on rainbow jewel on the board. What does the rainbow jewel do? This special piece has the ability to blast all jewels of the same color and shape. It is truly a fun addition to this bubble shooter game.

Magic and Fun

The game Jewel Magic is truly a gem. It contains complex challenges to hone the player's mental skills. It is an enjoyable game of matching, to excel in gaining high scores.

About the Creator:

Jewel Magic is created by InLogic Sowftware. InLogic Sowftware is an casual game developer from Kosice, Slovakia. They have also created the following games: Sea Rush, Zumba Mania, Bricks n Balls, Zumba Ocean, Sweet Candy Mania, Tasty Jewel, Jewel Dash, Mushroom Pop,

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Play Jewel Magic, match all jewels in this magical game. The goal is Jewel Magic is to make combinations of 3 or more jewels and to finish all levels.
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