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Zumba Ocean


I am having a lot of fun with this game. It is a fun and simple game that, while I drink my coffee, I can play. All I need to do is point the cannon exactly where I would like it to shoot a gem at. But I have to be careful because I might over or undershoot, which may cause the gem to go somewhere else that I did not want. Every once in a while the game is nice and gives me power-ups on different colored gems. In order to get those I have to make a match of at least three of the same colored gems that the power-up is on. If I get stuck, there are four perks that I can use to help get me out of the sticky level. On each level there are goals that I have to reach in order to pass the level. Some of the goals are simple and some of them take a few times to get past. Each goal gives me a star, the more goals I complete on that level, the more stars I get. At the end of each level I get coins that will allow me to buy more perks if I need them or if I wanted to, I could buy a new cannon. How many coins I get depends on how many goals I complete. If I complete them all and get three stars, I get more coins than if I only completed one goal. This is a very fun and relaxing game to play.

About the Creator:

Zumba Ocean is created by InLogic Sowftware. InLogic Sowftware is an casual game developer from Kosice, Slovakia. They have also created the following games: Sea Rush, Zumba Mania, Bricks n Balls, Sweet Candy Mania, Tasty Jewel, Jewel Dash, Mushroom Pop,

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Zumba Ocean is a challenging Zuma game where you have to make combinations of 3 or more bubbles and make all bubbles pop. You can play Zumba Ocean for free on our website.
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