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Tasty Jewel

Match 3

Tasty Jewel is an online game made up of a grid of candies of different kinds. Each level has a laid out amount of candies, some of which like berries, some are hard candies, and some look more like cookies. In order to gain points, you need to match the candies into lines of 3 or more. When done, the candies you have matched disappear and more fall down from the top of the grid, allowing you to make more matches and lines. Each time a match is made, you gain points that differ and grow corresponding to the amount of candies in the line you made. For each round, there is a goal of points to achieve in a certain number of moves in order for you to progress in the round.

When you make lines of 4 or more candies, you receive a little wrapped candy in the same color as the match. When this candy is paired with the same colors, it explodes and erases the whole row, giving you more points and more new candies from the top of the grid. Another power-up is given when you make two lines of 3 in one move, sort of in an "L" shape on the board. This power acts more like a bomb, and when it is paired, it clears a 3x3 square around the bomb to provide more space and points. In later levels, you can use power-ups at the beginning of each level in order to start yourself off strong.

About the Creator:

Tasty Jewel is created by InLogic Sowftware. InLogic Sowftware is an casual game developer from Kosice, Slovakia. They have also created the following games: Sea Rush, Zumba Mania, Bricks n Balls, Sweet Candy Mania, Jewel Dash, Mushroom Pop,

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