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Orange Ranch

Orange ranch is the successor of the popular orange bubble game. Play more than 100 new bubble shooter levels. This is a hybrid mix between a manage your company/bubble shooter game. You can build your own ranch by harvesting. With harvesting you get new items. You harvest fruit on your ranch by playing bubble shooter levels, each level will be a bit harder to finish but the reward will also be higher.If you succeed in the game you can plant new trees that will grow oranges. You can buy orange tress in the shop and you can choose between a small orange tree, a medium orange tree and a high yield orange tree. The hield yield orange tree is the most expensive but will give you 3 oranges per harvest.With your sales stand you can sell your harvest, you can sell the oranges, make lemonade and sell it or make cake and sell this. You can also upgrade your sales stand.The higher level you are the more items you can buy in the shop to make your orange ranch the biggest possible.If you reach level 10 you can buy the Juice maker, it will make orange juice from oranges. It costs 2 oranges to make 1 orange juice bottle that you can sell. You can find the juice maker under processors in the shop.When you reach level 15 you can buy the ice cream maker, it will turn oranges in ice cream. This will attract even more visitors to your stand and make you earn more money to buy other items.If you are in trouble, just use the aim guide. It will help you aim your bubble and get you out of difficult situations. Watch out for the brick bubbles, they can't be popped. Remove them by making combinations of bubbles that are on top of it.If you lose in a level you are not game over. You just loose your oranges so you have no income. Play the level again to earn new oranges.

Category: Bubble Shooter

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