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Bubble Spirit

Bubble Shooter

Get ready to hit some bubbles and beat all 50 levels in this very addictive bubble shooter! The goal of the game is to combine at least 3 uniformly colored bubbles to remove them from the field. Complete the goal of your level and try to earn 3 stars. Play strategically and make us special bubbles exploring larger surfaces, destroying vertical or horizontal lines, or giving you extra points. Can you achieve a high score?

The Game

>Bubble Spirit is a bubble shooter with 50 levels. The levels are becoming harder each time but stay fun to play. The graphics are playful and "bubbly".
It "feels" nice and a bit candy like. The balls have a little swirl in them and the animations are beautiful. The loading screen has a nice falling bubble animation going on in the background. You can mute the sound directly on the loading screen what is a big plus. You can also see the help, your score and start the game on this screen.
A nice addition is that your score is saved. So you can close this page and come back later to continue your game!

The game is vertical oriented. With the shooter and the next bubble indicator on the bottom. Yo ushoot like all bubble shooters upwards. The total score and the stars collected in the level are displayed on top. The first few levels only have a few colored balls. The next levels will have more colors. Making it a bit harder each time.

Level Goal

Each level has it's own goal. This can be to pop a certain amount of bubbles total. Or to pop a few colors or just 1 color in total. You must finish this goal before the time runs out. You can see the remaining time in the top bar behind the stars. New rows of bubbles will continue to spawn as long as the time is ticking.
In this level goal you must pop 45 bubbles. These can be of any color.


There are 50 levels in bubble spirit. The next level is unlocked once you finish the current level. Sometimes you must score enough stars to continue. Once you finished a level the score with the points and stars gathered is presented to you.

Bubble Spirit Video

This video shows you the Bubble Spirit Gameplay. Watch us have fund with this game.

About the Creator:

Bubble Spirit is created by Famobi. Famobi is a large game developer from Germany, known for their excellent games that our users love to play. They have also created the following games: Candy Bubble, Smarty Bubbles, Bubbles Shooter,

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Bubble Spirit is a bubble shooter with 50 levels. Complete each level and score 3 stars to continue. Each level is a bit harder but the game stays fun to play. Try to beat all the levels.
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