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Bubble Blobs

This is an artistic version of the game called bubble blobs. There are more then 50 levels to complete. The gameplay is slightly different from original bubble games. If you miss a bubble, the diagonal row will roll down. Each time you miss, so the field will go down fast. The first levels are very easy, making sure you understand the game. If you progress further the difficulty will be harder each level. Bubble blobs features quite a nice graphics set and unique gameplay. It kept us busy for hours. Make combos for extra points by clearing blobs of 3 and more, the more bubble blobs you clear in one shoot, the more points you will score. You can earn 3 stars in each level, which will be needed to unlock the higher levels.

Bubble Blobs Awards

You can score awards while playing bubble blobs, the awards you can win are:
Complete all levels
Get 30.000 points
Complete all levels with 3 stars
Pop 14 bubbles at once
Pop 10 bubbles at once
Collect 20 stars

Collect all rewards and you have really finished the game and you can call yourself the bubble blobs master.

Category: Bubble Shooter


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