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Bubble Shooter Flash

Bubble Shooter

This is the original flash version of the bubble shooter game where you have to pop 3 bubbles or more in one endless level. This version requires your browser to have installed and support the flash plugin. Flash will be discontinued end 2020 so this version won't work for a long time anymore. We recommend you to play the original bubble shooter game over this flash version. But we want to give you the choice to play the version you want do we have created this flash version for you so you can play the old bubble shooter game.

Bubble Shooter Flash is a fun-addicting game with beautiful colors and sounds. It has levels you can play, challenges you can complete, points, and achievements. The game's goal is to match 3 bubbles of the same color in a row without any bubble touching the ground or getting popped. You start by checking two drops of the same color, then three dots of different colors next to each other (making this an easy level), then four bubbles before finally reaching level 10, which has no bubbles.

How to play:

The goal of this game is to match the same colored bubbles in a row, no more than 3 in a row. You move a bubble simultaneously by clicking on it with your mouse.

The objective is to clear all the bubbles off the screen before they land on the floor. You can move the bubbles with your mouse only; as long as one of them is touching another one of them, you can drag it anywhere.

To clear a bubble, click on the dot and drag it to the edge of the screen.
Special bubbles in each level called "Fruits" give an extra point if matched when you level up to that level. If a fruit bubble is popped, One will grant a bonus for completing the group. To make fruit appear, place two identical bubbles in a row together in any order (not connected), without touching either side or ending on the floor. The fruit will appear on the other side of the board. Remove two/any three bubbles in a row to make a fruit disappear. To move the balls, you can only drag them by pressing and holding down your mouse button because once you decide to drop them, they will start moving automatically. Removing them slowly gives you more time to make your next move.


After you finish level 2, the next level starts automatically. You can either click the buttons or use your keyboard to play the game. To play levels and gain coins and power-ups, you have to get a certain amount of points. Points are awarded from matching bubbles without dropping them. Matching three or more bubbles with the same color before it touches the ground or gets popped will award 5 points per line. Jump to top

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Play Bubble Shooter. Bubble shooter flash is the original bubble shooter game published and is in the same state as years ago.
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