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Bubble Shooter Levels

Bubble Shooter

Play Bubble Shooter Levels, this is the classic bubble shooter game with 30 levels. Shoot all bubbles and complete the game.

Bubble Shooter Levels, a match-3, bubble-popping game, adds new twists to the original Bubble Shooter. In this fun update, a player must still pop and remove rows of multicolored bubbles from the playfield by connecting chains of three or more bubbles of the same color using projectile bubbles. To remain in the game, they must also prevent any bubbles from touching the shooter or the bottom of the playfield.

Yet, this version of the game differs in a variety of ways. The bubbles have more flattened borders in spots. There are fewer overall bubbles and rows at the top of the playfield. Rather than offering a targeting arrow shooter, this game features a large, wide cannon with a targeting line made of white dots. The cannon's exterior displays the color of the next projectile bubble after the player shoots a bubble at the rows, which differs from classic gameplay in which the player can always see the next projectile in the series on a row to the left of the targeting arrow.

Most importantly, Bubble Shooter Levels, as its name states, features many different levels of gameplay. While the original game merely allows a player to beat their previous best scores by replaying the same playfield over and over, this game update offers 60 unique levels of new obstacles. The player must unlock each level by clearing all of the bubbles from the field.

How to play:

Align the white, dotted targeting line carefully to point the cannon toward row bubbles that match the color on the cannon's exterior. Shoot the cannon to hit the rows with a projectile and create a chain of matching bubbles. Clear all bubbles to complete the level. Play all 60 levels.


Mouse: To begin targeting the first time on any level, click a bubble that matches the color on the cannon so that the cannon automatically aligns and shoots. To move the cursor and align the targeting line for the next shot, roll the mouse left or right across a mousepad or other surface. To shoot, click anywhere on the field.
Mobile: To begin targeting, align the cannon and shoot the first time on any level, tap a matching row bubble. To move the cursor and align the next shot and future ones, slide a finger or stylus across a touch screen or pad. To shoot a projectile bubble, tap the field.

Release Date:

September 2022

About the Creator:

Bubble Shooter Levels is created by Bubble Shooter. Bubble shooter is a small game studio that develops bubble shooter games. They have also created the following games: Bubble Shooter, Original bubble shooter, Jelly Blocks, Tetris Cube, Mahjong Deluxe, Bubble Shooter Pretty Island, Geometry Dash, Bubble Shooter 2,

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Play Bubble Shooter Levels, this is the classic bubble shooter game with 30 levels. Shoot all bubbles and complete the game.
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