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New Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter

New Bubble Shooter is a delightful bubble shooter that throws out the classic popping aspect of this genre of match-3, arcade games. Instead, a player must attempt to drop as many bubbles as possible into colorful, round containers representing points (100, 500, 1,000, 500 and 100). The player's primary goal is to rank high on a global leaderboard displayed above the field with avatar cards.

The background of the game places the player in a spooky setting with a castle and graveyard. The bubbles aren't solid like in similar games. They contain objects, such as leaves in green bubbles, cherries in red bubbles and waves in blue bubbles. The player shoots projectile bubbles using a ring-style shooter. As the game progresses, they reveal new options, including birds inside of orange bubbles and butterflies in purple bubbles. The game speeds up whenever new ones appear on the field.

The player can increase their total points by using boosters and points-multiplier bubbles. They also receive special recognition in the form of gold-crown stickers for completing 27 achievements, including reaching a certain score, removing a specific number of bubbles from the field, playing for a certain amount of time and using bomb boosters.

How to play:

Position the cursor so that it overlaps an exposed bubble that matches the projectile bubble. Shoot the matching projectile at it to make all connected matching bubbles drop from the rows into the containers. Continue shooting as long as possible to increase overall points.


Mouse: To align and shoot a projectile bubble, slide the mouse around to move the cursor, and then click the left button.
Mobile: To shoot the projectile, slide a finger or stylus across the screen or trackpad until the cursor is in position, and tap the surface.

Release Date:

November 2022

About the Creator:

New Bubble Shooter is created by Bubble Shooter. Bubble shooter is a small game studio that develops bubble shooter games. They have also created the following games: Bubble Shooter, Original bubble shooter, Jelly Blocks, Tetris Cube, Mahjong Deluxe, Bubble Shooter Pretty Island, Geometry Dash, Bubble Shooter 2,

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New Bubble Shooter is a delightful bubble shooter that throws out the classic popping aspect of this genre of match-3, arcade games.
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