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Owl Shooter

Owl Shooter is a charming, nostalgic game of matching colorful owls to clear the board before the ceiling falls far enough to end the game. Match 3 of any color and the owls disappear, very reminiscent of the retro Snood game I grew up loving. A cool, jungle themed background and gentle music add to the ambience of Owl Shooter and I found the sound effects soothing and not overwhelming. Owl Shooter is family friendly and easy to operate for even the youngest gamers, though they may find their parents hogging all the game time. Level difficulty is engaging without being discouragingly difficult, and gameplay is smooth. As a free online game, there are ads between levels that are a mild nuisance and distract from the overall relaxing aesthetic, but this certainly is not a deal breaker. I genuinely enjoyed playing Owl Shooter and will definitely use it as a relaxing brain break in the future.

About the Creator:

Owl Shooter is created by Lofgames. Lofgames is a Indie game developer that creates bubble shooter and match 3 games. They have also created the following games: Bubble Shooter Golden Football, Bubble Shooter Wheel,
Owl Shooter

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Play Owl shooter, the bubble shooter game where the bubbles are owls! Match 3 owls or more and remove them all in this great bubble game.