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Bubble Invasion

Bubble Invasion is not your typical bubble shooter game! It does work on the same mechanics - matching colors to remove colored orbs and gaining power boosts of slowing down time or bombs that remove orbs in the vicinity - however, this game is a race against the clock to remove the multi-colored orb without letting the other colored orbs reach the caution line! Each level is fast-paced and more difficult than the one before, with more power-ups and challenging orb patterns. You will have to hone your skills, speed, and aim to get a high score in this game! This is a game you can relax and play on your break, or spend time challenging yourself or your friends to see who can come out with the top score, it just might be harder than you think. Play casually or challenge yourself with Bubble Invasion - you won't be sorry you did!

About the Creator:

Bubble Invasion is created by MarketJS. MarketJS is a game developer that creates casual web games. They have also created the following games: Monkey Bubble Shooter, Bubble Pop Adventures, Teddy Bubble Rescue, Super Bubble Shooter, Dino Egg Defense, Spot the difference 2,
Bubble Invasion

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Play Bubble Invasion. Shoot all bubbles in this relaxing bubble shooter game. In Bubble Invasion you must complete all levels. Get the challenge in every level and earn points.