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Bubble Shooter Pretty Island

Bubble Shooter

Are you one of the online game diehards? If yes, then Bubble Shooter Pretty Island is the game you have been missing. It is an online game created by Bubble Shooter to save a small elve surrounded by bubbles of different colors. The colors preferred for this game are yellow, red, and blue. This game starts with a princess holding a bubble shooter with a bubble whose color is randomly chosen among the colors mentioned above. On the upper half of the screen are sequences of red, yellow, and blue bubbles enclosing the small elves that get released after being aimed at the bubbles surrounding it. The arrangements mostly include at least six bubbles of one color encircling the small elve in between and sequences of at least nine successive bubbles of one color arranged in an elongated V-like line with the small elve in between. The arrangements vary, though. The gamer has to aim and shoot at the bubble sequence they want from a bubble released from the princess's bubble shooter to release the small elve. The bubble count from the princess's bubble shooter is 30, and the small elves to be released are eight but increase as the level increases.

How to play Bubble Shooter?

The gamer has to identify the first bubble color from the bubble shooter and then click on the accessible sequence containing the same color as the bubble shooter. The gamer has the freedom to choose the first bubble to shoot by clicking the bubble they want to shoot first, and that will in turn swap the positions of the bubbles to suit the gamer's preference. After identifying it, the gamer clicks on one of the bubbles from the sequence to release the bubble from the bubble shooter. The bubbles then burst after being shot, releasing the small elve whose count is recorded at the top right of the screen. Upon exploding, each bubble releases its points that cumulatively contribute to the gamer's high score. The sequence goes on that way until all the eight small elves are released. The gamer is therefore awarded three gold coins after completing the level. Another level then gets unlocked, whose objectives get a little bit advanced from the previous one, including an increase in the number of elves to be released.

What Should the Gamer do at Advanced Stages of the Game?

Upon advancing, the trajectory of the bubble shooter gets altered that necessitates the user to rebound the aim rather than directly shooting it. The gamer is required to rebound the bubble from either sides of the screen relative to the position of the bubble sequence. To aim, the gamer has to tap and hold the bubble on the bubble shooter, then adjust the arrow's position that shows the rebound path to the target and then release it to shoot. The gamer enjoys the same benefits of three gold stars upon completion of every level, and the cumulative scores are recorded at the top left corner of the screen. This game offers a lot of fun that every gamer should experience. Welcome on board, enjoy the fun!

How to play:

Each level has it's own goals. Complete this goal to go to the next level and complete all levels on the island level map.


Mouse: Click where you want to shoot the bubbles.
Mobike: Tap and hold to aim, release to shoot the bubble.

Release Date:

October 2021

About the Creator:

Bubble Shooter Pretty Island is created by Bubble Shooter. Bubble shooter is a small game studio that develops bubble shooter games. They have also created the following games: Bubble Shooter, Original bubble shooter, Jelly Blocks, Tetris Cube, Mahjong Deluxe, Geometry Dash, Gems Match 3, Bubble Penguins,

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Play Bubble Shooter Pretty Island, shoot all bubbles in this cool bubble shooter game with multiple levels that guide you trough the island.
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