Bubble Shooter Witch Saga

Play one of the 30 levels in Bubble Shooter Witch Saga. Save the world by shooting the bubbles and score the required amount of point s in each level. This easy and nice to play bubble shooter saga is nicely themed. The bubbles keep falling down so you have to shoot the bubbles fast, focus on removing the lines at the bottom of the field. Once the line crosses the bottom you lose. If you are game over you can revive the level by watching a video or start over again from the beginning. You can choose between 2 game modes: Mission and endless. In the mission mode you must go through all levels where each level has it's own mission. In endless mode you are in one level where new bubbles will spawn endless.

How to play:

Complete all levels in this Bubble shooter saga game.


Use mouse or tap screen to play.

Release Date:

November 2019

Bubble Shooter Witch Saga