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Fluffles Bubbles

Bubble Shooter

Fluffles Bubbles is a fantasy-themed, bubble-shooter game that adds a unique twist to the genre. Instead of popping liquid bubbles of various colors in horizontal rows at the top of a play field, the player must pop three or more connecting fluffy, bubble-shaped creatures called fluffles. The game features a backdrop of grass and daisies. A mushroom replaces the traditional targeting arrow shooter. Each dark blue, light blue, green, orange, pink or yellow fluffle breathes deeply or rolls their eyes while waiting patiently for the player to shoot another fluffle at them. The game displays a timer above the play field and the number of shots, score and level number below. To win Fluffles Bubbles, the player must pop all the fluffles before the rows, which increase in number over time, reach the bottom of the field.

How to play:

Search for two or more fluffles of the same color in the bottom row that match the color of the projectile fluffle hovering above the mushroom shooter. Shoot the fluffle at the connecting fluffles or an empty space between them so that they explode in a pop of floating fur.


Mouse: Locate fluffles that match the one in the shooter, and then click one or an empty spot between them to shoot the projectile fluffle. To shoot at a hard-to-reach spot above the bottom row after removing some of it, click a side wall to bounce the projectile fluffle at an angle. If two or more fluffles aren't available, shoot the closest fluffle of a matching color to attach the projectile fluffle to it, wait for another of the same color to appear, and then shoot it at the other two fluffles to complete the match-3 connection.
Mobile: To shoot the projectile fluffle at two or more matching row fluffles, tap one or an empty space between them with a fingertip or stylus. To shoot at hard-to-reach spots with an angled shot, tap a side wall.

Release Date:

About the Creator:

Fluffles Bubbles is created by Monsteraplay. Monsteraplay creates casual web games. They have also created the following games: Wild Forest Mahjong,

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Play Fluffles Bubbles. Fluffles Bubbles is a fantasy-themed, bubble-shooter game that adds a unique twist to the genre.
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